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What is the Silver Lotto System?

Silver Lotto System is one of the leading lotto systems online. The system uses its own lotto mathematical formulas that devised by Ken Silver himself. Yes, the book is about Statistics and Mathematics. It teaches you how to increase your odds of winnings statistically. But, don't be worried if you are not a quant. Actually, the primary benefit of the Silver Lotto system is the ease of use.

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The Silver Lotto System require its users just to fill out previous lotto information, which can be done by a simple pen and a piece of paper. It does not require any downloading of software or further purchasing of any equipment. The system can be used for any state lotto, as well as lotteries in most other countries. However, it cannot be used on lotteries that use over 69 numbers. Ken Silver claimed that the system can increase your chances of winning the lottery by 100 times. 

How the Silver Lotto System Works

The Silver Lotto System works by removing "bad" numbers. How "bad" are these numbers? They are the millions of numbers and number sequences that will never appear in any winning lotto game. Through years of research Ken Silver has identified most of these bad combinatons, and managed to increase the percentage of successful numbers that will appear in a winning ticket. Sometimes win rates with Silver Lotto system can be as high as 80%. While this gives excellent results, it is a fact that the at least 20% of random winning numbers can not be covered in the Silver Lotto System and can only be won with pure luck.

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Does Silver Lotto System Really Work? - My Real Experience

I purchased the Silver Lotto System about a month ago, and have been using the secret strategies that the book teach me for about 3 weeks now. While I was reading the book, I was surprised to see how much new information the book contains. Once I finally finished reading the book, I went to buy my first lotto ticket set. I bought 10 tickets and waited to see what would happen. As the results came in I noticed I had 3 winning tickets for a total of $81.50. Not bad for my first week.

What Is The Secret To This Winning System? 

Silver Lotto System is simple to understand, but complex to discover how it works exactly. However you do not need that knowledge - just go ahead and fill out your lotto tickets using the easy instructions and do not worry about the mechanism running underneath. The Silver Lotto System works by removing or avoiding the statistical number combinations that will never get a win. There are at least 80% of bad number combinations that can be removed by the basic Silver Lotto System. That means you can win 8 times out of every 10 games if you play enough tickets, and Ken Silver spends about $60 a game to do this. He does say that the advantage in his system is still maintained even though you might only spend $10-20 a game, but the odds are proportionately lower.

The Silver Lotto System Review - How Does It Compare with Other Systems?

The Silver Lotto System in my opinion is the best lotto book by far in the market. After comparing this book to all the others, none of them comes close to the Silver Lotto System. I have been reading lotto books, for about 3 years now. After reading this book, I was surprised by how much I have learned. Most of the other books, take the same information and re-word it and then add a few extra tips that they have learned. But the Silver Lotto System is completely new material which I have not seen on any other book.

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The Silver Lotto System is 100% legit. No Scam at all. 

After reading my Silver Lotto System review I hope you have been able to identify that this book can work for anyone. There are no complex strategies that will take months to master. The Silver Lotto System shows you exactly what to do, in a simple step by step process. Ken Silver did a great job on the layout of the book also and you will thank him such as I have once you start winning money on the lotto. NOTE: Silver Lotto System is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonuses onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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People Who Won the Lottery at an Old Age

It is never too late for you to fulfill your dreams. Just because you are getting old doesn’t mean that you should stop playing the lottery, especially if it is something you have been doing a while and find it fun. There are lots of seniors out there who took the risk and hit it big and spent their remaining life rather comfortably. Hitting the jackpot when you are old can have various perks; you can leave the money for your children or enjoy your autumn years without worrying about expenses. Here are some of the people who won the lottery at an old age and made good use of their winnings:

Gloria Mackenzie

In May 2013, 84-year-old Gloria Mackenzie took home the largest Powerball prize ever given to a single ticket holder, which was about $590,000,000. She stated that she owed her good fortune to the player who allowed her to jump the line and buy the winning ticket. She moved out her rental unit into a five-bedroom home in Glen Kernan Country Club. She also made a donation to the Schenck High School in Maine for fixing a leaking roof. They suggested renaming the school after her, but she declined the honor.

Nguyen Van Het

All his life, the Vietnamese man had lived below the poverty line, but he hit the jackpot of $400,000 at the age of 97. Ahead of the Lunar New Year, he purchased the winning ticket with the lucky money called ‘Tet’ that he had received. When news about his fortune spread, people began to show up at his doorstep asking for help. He was so generous that the neighbors had to call local officials to stop him from giving away everything.

Gracie Vera Coulson

It was back in 1999 that Gracie Vera Coulson won the prize worth £1,000,000 in the National Lottery, but she still remains the oldest person to have done so. She was part of a pensioner’s syndicate formed at the Boultham Park House residential home that had a combined age of 405. They had been playing for 2 years before they struck gold with the jackpot of £5,000,000. The other winners were 77-year-old Winifred Davey, 79-yearl-old Stanley Ingram, 84-year-old Dot Jones and 78-year-old Kathleen Barnes.

Lena Eaton

In 2012, Lena Eaton rose to fame as the ‘luckiest great-grandmother in the United States’. The 91-year-old from Indianapolis became the winner of two lottery prizes within three months. First, she won a sum of $300,000 in August in the Hoosier Lottery and in November, she bought a scratch-off ticket that won her another $99,000. She used some of her winnings to fix her home, which involved putting in a new bathroom and new windows. The rest, she said she wanted to share with her family and use it for traveling because she hadn’t been anywhere.

These are some of elderly people who have taken home millions, which just goes to show that age is just a number and you can also be the winner.  

3 Great Tips for Winning the EuroMillions Lottery

If you have any interest in the lottery, you have probably thought about what would happen if you do hit it big. What if you end up winning a jackpot prize of the EuroMillions lottery? This popular European lottery has had some huge jackpots like in 2014 when Neil Trotter won a prize worth £107 million. There have been numerous other lucky players who have played this game to become millionaires instantly. EuroMillions is the first-ever international lottery game that’s played in multiple countries. It has a rolling jackpot and can be played by people in Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Ireland and Austria.

Those who wish to try their luck in the EuroMillions lottery have to be a permanent resident of any of the participating country and can buy a ticket in any member country. However, some websites also give people from other countries the opportunity to participate by providing the services of their agents to buy tickets on their behalf. Once you have made up your mind to participate in the EuroMillions lottery and get a chance to win millions, you can use the 3 great tips outlined below for improving your odds:

Tip 1: Group Strategies with Lottery Numbers

Studying the past winning numbers of the EuroMillions lottery will show you that in most cases, one number group remained unrepresented. You just need to spend some time in studying the numbers that have won prizes in the past because this will give you an idea of what number groups have better odds. In this way, you will be able to identify which number groups should be avoided and the ones that should get heavy play.

Tip 2: Mix up Evens and Odds

The lottery numbers may be selected at random, but there are certain things you can predict when you opt to do your research and study the winning numbers in previous games. In only 3 percent of lottery games, all even or all odd numbers were drawn as the winning ones. Therefore, if you wish to boost your chances of winning the EuroMillions lottery, it is recommended that you mix up even and odd numbers and choose a combination. You can go with 3/2 or 2/3 even and odd numbers for increasing your odds because in 68 percent of the drawings of the EuroMillions lottery, this pattern has appeared to repeat itself.

Tip 3: Losing Numbers

Again, statistics indicate that numbers that have not won for at least six games or less will be the winning numbers in the next draw in about 50 percent of lottery draws. Numbers that have lost in about 12 games or more will be part of 75 percent of the winning lottery numbers. This means that in reality, these losing numbers are actually hot ones that have a good chance of winning in the future.

As long as you bear these tips in mind when you are selecting your numbers, there is a good chance you might win the next EuroMillions jackpot.  

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

USA Lottery Game: Can The Tourists Get The Winnings?

A lottery game is the best option to become millionaire within a short time. Many of us try to pick the winning number, whenever we get the chance of playing lottery draws. Lottery fans love to check their luck not only in their own country but also in abroad. If we look at USA, we can see that the state-based lotto operators invest a part of their earnings for the well-being of citizens. Now, if you are a tourist in USA, can you play the draw just as a resident? Or, is there any rule, especially for the foreign lottery players. These questions may come up in the mind, if you love to play lottery overseas.

So, we like to make out if the tourist is legally allowable to buy USA lottery ticket and win the game. The mechanism for winning the game is much transparent, and the gamers should choose the number set.

Tax structure for the lottery players
It is better to discuss about the tax, related to lottery. For every lotto prize, you need to deal with federal tax in the USA. But, for American lottery games, taxation structure is more intricate than what you find in Australian and European lottery. In many states, tax rates are about forty nine percent. These figures will cause a scare in the mind of potential players. However, we need to keep in mind that most of the USA-based lotteries offer you big prizes. The amount that is left after paying taxes may also be very high.

The notable fact is that American government does not like to prevent the non-residents from accessing the lottery games. However, still, the game operators always consider that the winners should have personal liability to repay their tax in homeland. You have to note down that many nations have legal restrictions for playing the game online.

Can the tourists win the lottery games, like Powerball?
While you have bought the ticket legally, you may also play your lottery game for collecting prizes. There is no need to become a resident of the country for playing your lotto game. Only some American states have the laws, applicable for winners. For instance, the winners should show a proof of their citizenship. However, there’re ways for holding back the winners’ (without U. S. SSN) taxes. In many states, the lawmakers also try to limit the winnings to the Americans. But, till now, you cannot find any such laws.

Money withdrawal rules for players
For the withdrawal of the fund, you have to submit documents as a proof of your identity. It is intended only for ensuring safety. You have to prove that you have fulfilled age requirement, and you are the owner of the winning ticket. So, you should check whether all the personal details are correct.

Foreign players and the rules on anonymity
Another important issue is related to anonymity. The lottery winners in America may stay anonymous on only six USA states. For other regions, the winner’s name should be displayed to the public. But, the contact details or address may not be posted on the website.

In many instances, the lottery game considers the winners’ circumstances and then, makes decision on maintaining confidentiality for a particular period (like one year or six months). However, many lottery organizers also take the step for retaining anonymity, especially if the declaration threatens the winners’ life. In America, customers get a high importance, and thus, maintaining the anonymity may not be very tough.

The American lottery history reveals the fact that players, who bought tickets online, have got big prizes. All these instances prove that you’ll be able to receive your prize, without considering your citizenship and residence.

We can now share the stories of those lottery winners, who are foreigners in American and have played anonymously. 

Iraqi winner won Megabucks in the state of Oregon 

This winner had taken his cash prizes as a monthly payout for twenty-five years. He got 256,000 dollars every year. On 1st December, he showed the ticket to HQ of the lottery company. He bought the ticket on 24th August. At that time, the lottery game organizers have a rule that no one should stay anonymous. However, still, due to the request of winner, they have maintained confidentiality about his real identity. The organizers realized that this is important for the safety of the winners’ family.

Powerball winner in Canada got 1 million dollars
Michael Glickman, one of the aged players, is a resident of Quebec, and bought lottery tickets on the web. This winner had stated that though he had interest in taking part in the lotto game, he had made much effort for crossing border for purchasing tickets.

On one of the Powerball lottery draws, luck had favored this player to gain an attractive prize. While the lottery representative gave a call to him, he thought the fact to the incredible. His major intention was to have fun. But, he got a big profit from this lottery.

In conclusion, we can clearly discuss on the issue- Is the US lotto acceptable to the foreigners?

The lottery website in California states that there is no need to become US resident or a Californian to win the prize of lottery game. However, to take the prize, the winners should visit the country. In case of Georgia also, the rule is almost same. The tax amount that they have to pay is thirty percent of their winnings. Similarly, for Texas lotteries, there is no need to have any concern. However, for processing the money, you only need to fill up a form.

Thus, as one of the tourists in USA or a foreigner to the country, you can purchase tickets at an online lotto site like IceLotto. But, you have to know the present rules before receiving the prize. Try to know if there is any legal restriction in the USA state, where you are playing your game. The online site that allows you to buy the ticket may also give the details.

Add Fun To The Way Of Choosing Lottery Numbers

Playing a lottery game is really a fun. But, when we start selecting lottery numbers, many of us try to follow the intricate rules and tactics for winning the game. Many players browse online sites to look for the techniques for picking the right numbers. They also do calculations to make out the lotto numbers. Though these tricks may give results in some cases, many players do not prefer those boring rules to find out the numbers. They create their own ways to guess the number, and most of them have relied on the funny techniques for number selection. So, let’s discuss about those amusing ways for picking numbers.

Teeth of grandma to change your luck

You are perhaps the most intimate companion to your grandma, and she is one of the adorable persons in your family. So, meet your grandma and ask her to show her teeth. Then, look at it closely and start to count the number of teeth that she has. If your grandmother is highly precious to you, then you may also consider that the number of teeth of this person will be a lucky number to you. It is just a belief of lottery players, who are trying their best to select the winning number.

Mobile- Consider it as the part of your lottery tactics

Nowadays, technologies are playing significant role in our life. Especially, mobile phone is the best friend to all of us. Many people have also bought more than one mobile. So, you can make out how many Smartphone you have purchased till now. You can include the present ones and also the junk models that you like to throw in your trash. It depends on you what you should add to your calculation for finding out the lottery number. Many people also consider their contact numbers to select the right option in the lottery game.

Job facts in your life

Most of the lottery winners quit their jobs after gaining the prize. However, now, when you are going to play the game, this job may become the most notable factor to help you in winning lottery.

The path of your career is one of the important aspects of your life. As it has high importance to you, it is better to consider the most preferable job that you’ve already done. Perhaps, the present job is most favorite one to you. Select the number, which is related to this job. For instance, it can be the particular year, when you have been employed. You may also ask yourself- How many colleagues in your office are very close to you? It’s a good way to find the lottery number.

Doggie’s age may be the luckiest number

You like to enjoy memorable moments with your doggie, and you can consider this pet to choose the lotto game number. Do you know the age of your pet? Pick the number with the belief that this number may allow you to win the game. While you have no dog, you perhaps love the neighbor’s pet, and you can consider him in your lottery winning tactics. So, get the benefit from the faithful dog of your neighbors or friends. Ask the pet owner about the age of his dog and then find your answer.

Shoes as the main factor to win number

We know that you don’t care for your shoes. However, your shoes always care for your feet. So, give the best honor to those shoes. How many shoes you have in closet? Consider that number for winning lottery. Thus, this is one of the ways you can find out the lucky numbers. Your old and worn shoes will get a value from you at least for the lottery game.

Your dreams as a lotto winner

You have perhaps dreamt of winning lots of prizes from your lottery. This wishlist for every player may not be same. Choose a number series on the basis of price rates of all your desired items. For instance, you perhaps like to have a house that costs about five million dollars. In that case, you can select 5 as your lucky number. Lots of daydreamers, who have played lotteries, have considered this trick to win the game.

Get stimulated by looking at the bills

While you cannot make out the number series for your lottery game, you may find it from your monthly bills. It can be the bill of your tax or phone. We believe that bills always sting our pockets. However, now it may become the best element to allow you in winning the battery. The bills would help you to turn out to be a millionaire. It’s a really a good idea, if you can win the lottery in this way.

 Anniversary date

It is perhaps one of the special occasions in your life. Many people also consider their birthdays in order to get the lucky number. In many cases, the lottery gamers have also won the game with this belief. You may find out the statistics on how the past winners have applied this tactic.

There are many other fun ways in which lottery players try to win. For instance-

  • They rub the ticket on the belly of a pregnant mom or on cat
  • They ask the ticket seller to provide the ticket with the right or left hand.
  • Wear the lucky socks or watch
  • Buy other lucky things with the ticket
  • Wear a gemstone while buying ticket

So, all these things are the personal beliefs of the lottery gamers. You can also make out your own way of winning lottery. It can be funny option that we have described above. Or, it may also be a scientific tactic. In any way, you can check out your opportunities for becoming a winner. You may speak to your family members in order to know the better ways for gaining success in the lottery game.

Lottery Games That Have Gained The Attention Of Lots Of Players

Lottery, one of the interesting and entertaining games, is perhaps available in almost all the countries. However, when we take part in the game, we find it in various names. With incredible prize pools, these lotteries have attracted several players. The lottery fans, all over the world, have tried to compete with other candidates. Though most of these lotteries are similar, there are differences that distinguish the game of every country.
US Mega Millions
Most of the American lotto winners try to become millionaire with the lottery game- Mega Millions. If you are one of the lottery fans, you may have heard this name. A Mega Millions prize that cost $648 million is the second biggest jackpot in the history of this game. However, in 2012, the jackpot worth rises to $656 million. There is no limitation to the jackpot size, and thus, you may get the bigger offers in the coming years. The format of this lottery has similarity to Powerball. The number pool is also much bigger. You may select any number from one to seventy-five.
US Powerball Lotto
Prize, strength and dynamism- for all these things, Powerball is now the most popular game. The first jackpot, offered by this game, was $40 million. However, it has started to grow to reach a big amount. In 2012, many Powerball rules got changed. The most important headline to the players was about the nine-digit prize in 2013. Now, lots of players take part in this game to select the luckiest numbers, considering only 2 sets. One of these sets includes 1- 69, while the other one comprises 1-26.
Australian Powerball-
Australia players can also enjoy the taste of Powerball, and they play this game in American Powerball style. However, we cannot compare the jackpot and the odds to that of the USA version. In Australia, you may win AU$80 million as the highest amount.
We know that American lotto games are highly recognized to the players. However, Italians have also a chance to enjoy an attractive lottery game, like SuperEnalotto. The game had its origin in the 50s. However, lots of new rules have been added to this game to draw the attention of several players. The most notable feature is that it has a very simple format. Choose numbers only from one particular. Though you may think it to be very easy, you can find troubles in winning the prize. Try to check your luck with this Italian lottery game.
La Primitiva Spain-
This game has reached the highest level of popularity in 2013. However, you can play it only on two days- Saturday and Thursday. Thus, all the players wait for these days only to know the name of winner. €66.6 million jackpot in 2013 has raised the interest of Spanish players.
In Europe, this is one of the newest lottery games; however, it has still gained high popularity among the players. Just after the launch of EuroMillions, this game has become available to the players. Format or rules for playing are also same for these two games. Fourteen nations get reunited in order to host this game. There are many countries, which had not got the chance of joining EuroMillions, and they have created this lottery game. Now, the size of prize is almost ninety million Euros. The countries, included in this game, are Iceland, Croatia, Latvia, Italy and ten more.
Now, let us speak about EuroMillions, where the ordinary lottery draws have raised the interest of the players. This multi-national lottery game has included several countries, like Ireland, Portugal, Luxembourg, UK and Spain. You may get the chance of playing this game multiple times in every year. Moreover, the jackpot size also grows to become a massive one. In this lottery game also, there are two number sets, and you have to select five of them. The ticket for UK-based EuroMillions game has one code, which must be same as the winners’ draw. Every code may allow you to get £1 million.
Mini Lotto – The best lottery to the Polish players
In Poland, this is one of the favorite lotto games because of the cheaper price rate. Mini Lotto has become popular not only in the country of Poland but also throughout the market of Lottoland. For every game, you have to spend only $0.50. However, the prize may amount to almost $100,000. You have to select a number (1-42). You can also play this lottery draw on every day. Thus, place your bet anytime to gain the biggest prize from Mini Lotto. Though it is named as Mini Lotto, the jackpot is not mini sized.
Austrian Lotto- 6 /45
This is another easy lotto game with affordable price. For playing this game, you have to select 6 numbers. The odds of the game are much preferable, and you can also find one bonus number. Moreover, there is a higher chance for winning this game. The cost for this game may range from 2 to 4 dollars. You may also deactivate Joker option. The prizes are divided in eight ways. Overall, it’s a pleasurable game to most of the Austrian players.
Joie de vivre- In France
This is a French name of lotto game. Its 1-49 number set and the lucky number may help you to become winner.  Minimum value of the prize is €2 million, and you get three draws on every week. Every time, the rolling of jackpot rises by almost €1 million. The highest amount may be about €36 million. The cost of this lotto is only $3. Thus, invest only this amount for placing your bet.
Loteria National-
This is another opportunity to the Spanish players to gain a big prize. You may become a millionaire by winning the prize of this lottery game.
So, find the lotto games that are most popular in your country. Know the right rules to play this game and you will surely become a lucky winner.