Sunday, November 26, 2017

3 Great Tips for Winning the EuroMillions Lottery

If you have any interest in the lottery, you have probably thought about what would happen if you do hit it big. What if you end up winning a jackpot prize of the EuroMillions lottery? This popular European lottery has had some huge jackpots like in 2014 when Neil Trotter won a prize worth £107 million. There have been numerous other lucky players who have played this game to become millionaires instantly. EuroMillions is the first-ever international lottery game that’s played in multiple countries. It has a rolling jackpot and can be played by people in Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Ireland and Austria.

Those who wish to try their luck in the EuroMillions lottery have to be a permanent resident of any of the participating country and can buy a ticket in any member country. However, some websites also give people from other countries the opportunity to participate by providing the services of their agents to buy tickets on their behalf. Once you have made up your mind to participate in the EuroMillions lottery and get a chance to win millions, you can use the 3 great tips outlined below for improving your odds:

Tip 1: Group Strategies with Lottery Numbers

Studying the past winning numbers of the EuroMillions lottery will show you that in most cases, one number group remained unrepresented. You just need to spend some time in studying the numbers that have won prizes in the past because this will give you an idea of what number groups have better odds. In this way, you will be able to identify which number groups should be avoided and the ones that should get heavy play.

Tip 2: Mix up Evens and Odds

The lottery numbers may be selected at random, but there are certain things you can predict when you opt to do your research and study the winning numbers in previous games. In only 3 percent of lottery games, all even or all odd numbers were drawn as the winning ones. Therefore, if you wish to boost your chances of winning the EuroMillions lottery, it is recommended that you mix up even and odd numbers and choose a combination. You can go with 3/2 or 2/3 even and odd numbers for increasing your odds because in 68 percent of the drawings of the EuroMillions lottery, this pattern has appeared to repeat itself.

Tip 3: Losing Numbers

Again, statistics indicate that numbers that have not won for at least six games or less will be the winning numbers in the next draw in about 50 percent of lottery draws. Numbers that have lost in about 12 games or more will be part of 75 percent of the winning lottery numbers. This means that in reality, these losing numbers are actually hot ones that have a good chance of winning in the future.

As long as you bear these tips in mind when you are selecting your numbers, there is a good chance you might win the next EuroMillions jackpot.