Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Add Fun To The Way Of Choosing Lottery Numbers

Playing a lottery game is really a fun. But, when we start selecting lottery numbers, many of us try to follow the intricate rules and tactics for winning the game. Many players browse online sites to look for the techniques for picking the right numbers. They also do calculations to make out the lotto numbers. Though these tricks may give results in some cases, many players do not prefer those boring rules to find out the numbers. They create their own ways to guess the number, and most of them have relied on the funny techniques for number selection. So, let’s discuss about those amusing ways for picking numbers.

Teeth of grandma to change your luck

You are perhaps the most intimate companion to your grandma, and she is one of the adorable persons in your family. So, meet your grandma and ask her to show her teeth. Then, look at it closely and start to count the number of teeth that she has. If your grandmother is highly precious to you, then you may also consider that the number of teeth of this person will be a lucky number to you. It is just a belief of lottery players, who are trying their best to select the winning number.

Mobile- Consider it as the part of your lottery tactics

Nowadays, technologies are playing significant role in our life. Especially, mobile phone is the best friend to all of us. Many people have also bought more than one mobile. So, you can make out how many Smartphone you have purchased till now. You can include the present ones and also the junk models that you like to throw in your trash. It depends on you what you should add to your calculation for finding out the lottery number. Many people also consider their contact numbers to select the right option in the lottery game.

Job facts in your life

Most of the lottery winners quit their jobs after gaining the prize. However, now, when you are going to play the game, this job may become the most notable factor to help you in winning lottery.

The path of your career is one of the important aspects of your life. As it has high importance to you, it is better to consider the most preferable job that you’ve already done. Perhaps, the present job is most favorite one to you. Select the number, which is related to this job. For instance, it can be the particular year, when you have been employed. You may also ask yourself- How many colleagues in your office are very close to you? It’s a good way to find the lottery number.

Doggie’s age may be the luckiest number

You like to enjoy memorable moments with your doggie, and you can consider this pet to choose the lotto game number. Do you know the age of your pet? Pick the number with the belief that this number may allow you to win the game. While you have no dog, you perhaps love the neighbor’s pet, and you can consider him in your lottery winning tactics. So, get the benefit from the faithful dog of your neighbors or friends. Ask the pet owner about the age of his dog and then find your answer.

Shoes as the main factor to win number

We know that you don’t care for your shoes. However, your shoes always care for your feet. So, give the best honor to those shoes. How many shoes you have in closet? Consider that number for winning lottery. Thus, this is one of the ways you can find out the lucky numbers. Your old and worn shoes will get a value from you at least for the lottery game.

Your dreams as a lotto winner

You have perhaps dreamt of winning lots of prizes from your lottery. This wishlist for every player may not be same. Choose a number series on the basis of price rates of all your desired items. For instance, you perhaps like to have a house that costs about five million dollars. In that case, you can select 5 as your lucky number. Lots of daydreamers, who have played lotteries, have considered this trick to win the game.

Get stimulated by looking at the bills

While you cannot make out the number series for your lottery game, you may find it from your monthly bills. It can be the bill of your tax or phone. We believe that bills always sting our pockets. However, now it may become the best element to allow you in winning the battery. The bills would help you to turn out to be a millionaire. It’s a really a good idea, if you can win the lottery in this way.

 Anniversary date

It is perhaps one of the special occasions in your life. Many people also consider their birthdays in order to get the lucky number. In many cases, the lottery gamers have also won the game with this belief. You may find out the statistics on how the past winners have applied this tactic.

There are many other fun ways in which lottery players try to win. For instance-

  • They rub the ticket on the belly of a pregnant mom or on cat
  • They ask the ticket seller to provide the ticket with the right or left hand.
  • Wear the lucky socks or watch
  • Buy other lucky things with the ticket
  • Wear a gemstone while buying ticket

So, all these things are the personal beliefs of the lottery gamers. You can also make out your own way of winning lottery. It can be funny option that we have described above. Or, it may also be a scientific tactic. In any way, you can check out your opportunities for becoming a winner. You may speak to your family members in order to know the better ways for gaining success in the lottery game.