Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Lottery Games That Have Gained The Attention Of Lots Of Players

Lottery, one of the interesting and entertaining games, is perhaps available in almost all the countries. However, when we take part in the game, we find it in various names. With incredible prize pools, these lotteries have attracted several players. The lottery fans, all over the world, have tried to compete with other candidates. Though most of these lotteries are similar, there are differences that distinguish the game of every country.
US Mega Millions
Most of the American lotto winners try to become millionaire with the lottery game- Mega Millions. If you are one of the lottery fans, you may have heard this name. A Mega Millions prize that cost $648 million is the second biggest jackpot in the history of this game. However, in 2012, the jackpot worth rises to $656 million. There is no limitation to the jackpot size, and thus, you may get the bigger offers in the coming years. The format of this lottery has similarity to Powerball. The number pool is also much bigger. You may select any number from one to seventy-five.
US Powerball Lotto
Prize, strength and dynamism- for all these things, Powerball is now the most popular game. The first jackpot, offered by this game, was $40 million. However, it has started to grow to reach a big amount. In 2012, many Powerball rules got changed. The most important headline to the players was about the nine-digit prize in 2013. Now, lots of players take part in this game to select the luckiest numbers, considering only 2 sets. One of these sets includes 1- 69, while the other one comprises 1-26.
Australian Powerball-
Australia players can also enjoy the taste of Powerball, and they play this game in American Powerball style. However, we cannot compare the jackpot and the odds to that of the USA version. In Australia, you may win AU$80 million as the highest amount.
We know that American lotto games are highly recognized to the players. However, Italians have also a chance to enjoy an attractive lottery game, like SuperEnalotto. The game had its origin in the 50s. However, lots of new rules have been added to this game to draw the attention of several players. The most notable feature is that it has a very simple format. Choose numbers only from one particular. Though you may think it to be very easy, you can find troubles in winning the prize. Try to check your luck with this Italian lottery game.
La Primitiva Spain-
This game has reached the highest level of popularity in 2013. However, you can play it only on two days- Saturday and Thursday. Thus, all the players wait for these days only to know the name of winner. €66.6 million jackpot in 2013 has raised the interest of Spanish players.
In Europe, this is one of the newest lottery games; however, it has still gained high popularity among the players. Just after the launch of EuroMillions, this game has become available to the players. Format or rules for playing are also same for these two games. Fourteen nations get reunited in order to host this game. There are many countries, which had not got the chance of joining EuroMillions, and they have created this lottery game. Now, the size of prize is almost ninety million Euros. The countries, included in this game, are Iceland, Croatia, Latvia, Italy and ten more.
Now, let us speak about EuroMillions, where the ordinary lottery draws have raised the interest of the players. This multi-national lottery game has included several countries, like Ireland, Portugal, Luxembourg, UK and Spain. You may get the chance of playing this game multiple times in every year. Moreover, the jackpot size also grows to become a massive one. In this lottery game also, there are two number sets, and you have to select five of them. The ticket for UK-based EuroMillions game has one code, which must be same as the winners’ draw. Every code may allow you to get £1 million.
Mini Lotto – The best lottery to the Polish players
In Poland, this is one of the favorite lotto games because of the cheaper price rate. Mini Lotto has become popular not only in the country of Poland but also throughout the market of Lottoland. For every game, you have to spend only $0.50. However, the prize may amount to almost $100,000. You have to select a number (1-42). You can also play this lottery draw on every day. Thus, place your bet anytime to gain the biggest prize from Mini Lotto. Though it is named as Mini Lotto, the jackpot is not mini sized.
Austrian Lotto- 6 /45
This is another easy lotto game with affordable price. For playing this game, you have to select 6 numbers. The odds of the game are much preferable, and you can also find one bonus number. Moreover, there is a higher chance for winning this game. The cost for this game may range from 2 to 4 dollars. You may also deactivate Joker option. The prizes are divided in eight ways. Overall, it’s a pleasurable game to most of the Austrian players.
Joie de vivre- In France
This is a French name of lotto game. Its 1-49 number set and the lucky number may help you to become winner.  Minimum value of the prize is €2 million, and you get three draws on every week. Every time, the rolling of jackpot rises by almost €1 million. The highest amount may be about €36 million. The cost of this lotto is only $3. Thus, invest only this amount for placing your bet.
Loteria National-
This is another opportunity to the Spanish players to gain a big prize. You may become a millionaire by winning the prize of this lottery game.
So, find the lotto games that are most popular in your country. Know the right rules to play this game and you will surely become a lucky winner.