Wednesday, November 22, 2017

USA Lottery Game: Can The Tourists Get The Winnings?

A lottery game is the best option to become millionaire within a short time. Many of us try to pick the winning number, whenever we get the chance of playing lottery draws. Lottery fans love to check their luck not only in their own country but also in abroad. If we look at USA, we can see that the state-based lotto operators invest a part of their earnings for the well-being of citizens. Now, if you are a tourist in USA, can you play the draw just as a resident? Or, is there any rule, especially for the foreign lottery players. These questions may come up in the mind, if you love to play lottery overseas.

So, we like to make out if the tourist is legally allowable to buy USA lottery ticket and win the game. The mechanism for winning the game is much transparent, and the gamers should choose the number set.

Tax structure for the lottery players
It is better to discuss about the tax, related to lottery. For every lotto prize, you need to deal with federal tax in the USA. But, for American lottery games, taxation structure is more intricate than what you find in Australian and European lottery. In many states, tax rates are about forty nine percent. These figures will cause a scare in the mind of potential players. However, we need to keep in mind that most of the USA-based lotteries offer you big prizes. The amount that is left after paying taxes may also be very high.

The notable fact is that American government does not like to prevent the non-residents from accessing the lottery games. However, still, the game operators always consider that the winners should have personal liability to repay their tax in homeland. You have to note down that many nations have legal restrictions for playing the game online.

Can the tourists win the lottery games, like Powerball?
While you have bought the ticket legally, you may also play your lottery game for collecting prizes. There is no need to become a resident of the country for playing your lotto game. Only some American states have the laws, applicable for winners. For instance, the winners should show a proof of their citizenship. However, there’re ways for holding back the winners’ (without U. S. SSN) taxes. In many states, the lawmakers also try to limit the winnings to the Americans. But, till now, you cannot find any such laws.

Money withdrawal rules for players
For the withdrawal of the fund, you have to submit documents as a proof of your identity. It is intended only for ensuring safety. You have to prove that you have fulfilled age requirement, and you are the owner of the winning ticket. So, you should check whether all the personal details are correct.

Foreign players and the rules on anonymity
Another important issue is related to anonymity. The lottery winners in America may stay anonymous on only six USA states. For other regions, the winner’s name should be displayed to the public. But, the contact details or address may not be posted on the website.

In many instances, the lottery game considers the winners’ circumstances and then, makes decision on maintaining confidentiality for a particular period (like one year or six months). However, many lottery organizers also take the step for retaining anonymity, especially if the declaration threatens the winners’ life. In America, customers get a high importance, and thus, maintaining the anonymity may not be very tough.

The American lottery history reveals the fact that players, who bought tickets online, have got big prizes. All these instances prove that you’ll be able to receive your prize, without considering your citizenship and residence.

We can now share the stories of those lottery winners, who are foreigners in American and have played anonymously. 

Iraqi winner won Megabucks in the state of Oregon 

This winner had taken his cash prizes as a monthly payout for twenty-five years. He got 256,000 dollars every year. On 1st December, he showed the ticket to HQ of the lottery company. He bought the ticket on 24th August. At that time, the lottery game organizers have a rule that no one should stay anonymous. However, still, due to the request of winner, they have maintained confidentiality about his real identity. The organizers realized that this is important for the safety of the winners’ family.

Powerball winner in Canada got 1 million dollars
Michael Glickman, one of the aged players, is a resident of Quebec, and bought lottery tickets on the web. This winner had stated that though he had interest in taking part in the lotto game, he had made much effort for crossing border for purchasing tickets.

On one of the Powerball lottery draws, luck had favored this player to gain an attractive prize. While the lottery representative gave a call to him, he thought the fact to the incredible. His major intention was to have fun. But, he got a big profit from this lottery.

In conclusion, we can clearly discuss on the issue- Is the US lotto acceptable to the foreigners?

The lottery website in California states that there is no need to become US resident or a Californian to win the prize of lottery game. However, to take the prize, the winners should visit the country. In case of Georgia also, the rule is almost same. The tax amount that they have to pay is thirty percent of their winnings. Similarly, for Texas lotteries, there is no need to have any concern. However, for processing the money, you only need to fill up a form.

Thus, as one of the tourists in USA or a foreigner to the country, you can purchase tickets at an online lotto site like IceLotto. But, you have to know the present rules before receiving the prize. Try to know if there is any legal restriction in the USA state, where you are playing your game. The online site that allows you to buy the ticket may also give the details.