Monday, May 14, 2018

What is the Silver Lotto System?

Silver Lotto System is one of the leading lotto systems online. The system uses its own lotto mathematical formulas that devised by Ken Silver himself. Yes, the book is about Statistics and Mathematics. It teaches you how to increase your odds of winnings statistically. But, don't be worried if you are not a quant. Actually, the primary benefit of the Silver Lotto system is the ease of use.

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The Silver Lotto System require its users just to fill out previous lotto information, which can be done by a simple pen and a piece of paper. It does not require any downloading of software or further purchasing of any equipment. The system can be used for any state lotto, as well as lotteries in most other countries. However, it cannot be used on lotteries that use over 69 numbers. Ken Silver claimed that the system can increase your chances of winning the lottery by 100 times. 

How the Silver Lotto System Works

The Silver Lotto System works by removing "bad" numbers. How "bad" are these numbers? They are the millions of numbers and number sequences that will never appear in any winning lotto game. Through years of research Ken Silver has identified most of these bad combinatons, and managed to increase the percentage of successful numbers that will appear in a winning ticket. Sometimes win rates with Silver Lotto system can be as high as 80%. While this gives excellent results, it is a fact that the at least 20% of random winning numbers can not be covered in the Silver Lotto System and can only be won with pure luck.

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Does Silver Lotto System Really Work? - My Real Experience

I purchased the Silver Lotto System about a month ago, and have been using the secret strategies that the book teach me for about 3 weeks now. While I was reading the book, I was surprised to see how much new information the book contains. Once I finally finished reading the book, I went to buy my first lotto ticket set. I bought 10 tickets and waited to see what would happen. As the results came in I noticed I had 3 winning tickets for a total of $81.50. Not bad for my first week.

What Is The Secret To This Winning System? 

Silver Lotto System is simple to understand, but complex to discover how it works exactly. However you do not need that knowledge - just go ahead and fill out your lotto tickets using the easy instructions and do not worry about the mechanism running underneath. The Silver Lotto System works by removing or avoiding the statistical number combinations that will never get a win. There are at least 80% of bad number combinations that can be removed by the basic Silver Lotto System. That means you can win 8 times out of every 10 games if you play enough tickets, and Ken Silver spends about $60 a game to do this. He does say that the advantage in his system is still maintained even though you might only spend $10-20 a game, but the odds are proportionately lower.

The Silver Lotto System Review - How Does It Compare with Other Systems?

The Silver Lotto System in my opinion is the best lotto book by far in the market. After comparing this book to all the others, none of them comes close to the Silver Lotto System. I have been reading lotto books, for about 3 years now. After reading this book, I was surprised by how much I have learned. Most of the other books, take the same information and re-word it and then add a few extra tips that they have learned. But the Silver Lotto System is completely new material which I have not seen on any other book.

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The Silver Lotto System is 100% legit. No Scam at all. 

After reading my Silver Lotto System review I hope you have been able to identify that this book can work for anyone. There are no complex strategies that will take months to master. The Silver Lotto System shows you exactly what to do, in a simple step by step process. Ken Silver did a great job on the layout of the book also and you will thank him such as I have once you start winning money on the lotto. NOTE: Silver Lotto System is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonuses onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.